The King and The Sea

The-King-and-The-Seaby Heinz Janisch & Wolf Erlbruch

On one level The King and the Sea is a collection of pithy short stories about a little king who sets out to explore ‘his’ kingdom. His endeavours meet with varying degrees of success. The little king has much to learn and nature has much to teach him; some lessons are droll, funny and ironic but all are profound. On a deeper level this picture book is composed of a series of parables, illustrating the illusion of control, the folly of arrogance and the power of humility. I loved this gorgeous little picture book with its deceptively simple illustrations which cleverly focus the reader’s mind on the richness in the text. Younger readers will love this book and parents will relish the opportunity for philosophical discussion with young minds. Highly recommended for ages 4 and up and a perfect introduction for junior philosophers!