Welcome to Cafés For All


'Cafés for All' is a simple idea, flexible and adaptable, easy to use and, it works!

Cafés for All are designed to bring people together in an informal, sociable setting in which all can develop and share knowledge, information and skills , learn alongside others and network.

The Cafés for All - Sharing Learning training programme has, at its core, a commitment to assist parents, schools and the wider community to come together to support and enhance learning by engaging the strengths and assets of all.

For us, the word Café represents ‘community assets for education’. In this we subscribe to the vision and work of the Café Institute, Calgary and wish to acknowledge their support in our work. 

I have seen the Cafe Programme in action. It is a simple idea which has a wonderful effect. The relaxed and informal atmosphere gives parents and carers the chance to be with their children as they learn and to join in as they feel able, without pressure to do anything in particular. Because the pressure to get it right is removed, they typically get a lot right in supporting their children's learning...and the children love it.

The informality helps teachers and others get to know parents and parents to get to enjoy their children enjoying learning. Everyone wins!

Professor Mick Waters

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